I used to think that CBD was snake oil.. I had heard stories of it helping people but I didn’t really believe it would work or it could help me, then I found Heal. I started taking the Amp shots for an extra boost of energy every day and they were awesome, I noticed a significant improvement in my focus throughout the day while taking the shots consistanly. Then I upgraded to the Nano 3000mg. I take it every morning and I love how I feel. I have used additional drops some days to treat menstrual cramps and the occasional headache, it works just as fast as ibuprofen for me. I love that I can use an all-natural product instead of over the counter junk. I highly recommend their products!


The heal brand pet CBD oil has helped eliminate use of medications to help manage our 1 year old golden doodles separation anxiety. After trying many medications from the vet with no relief in anxiety we turned to heal brand CBD knowing they use the best ingredients for pet safety. We do not have to mix the oil with anything. Our dog knows when it’s time and takes it right out of the dropper. I highly recommend trying heal brand products for your pets!


I am 64 years old and suffer from arthritis, knee pain, wrist pain, and low back pain from years of construction and physical labor. I also have diabetes which has caused neuropathy in both of my feet. On a normal day, I take between 10-12 Advil, just to get to a bearable level of pain management.
I started taking 3,000mg nano tincture and now I am completely off of Advil. My neuropathy is also completely gone. I havent felt this good in 30 years. Heal Brand has changed my quality of life. 


I’ve been using the Nano drops for 3 months now – My daily stress is much lower and my general feeling of well being is enhanced. My usual OCD sleeping interruptions and loops are gone. I haven’t had sound restful sleep with dreams for years. And I have a recurring back injury that usually takes 5-7 days to recover from – with the nano I was totally recovered in 3 days! Thank you Heal Brand for the effective and safe alternative!


We love the dog line from The Heal Brand. Our corgi is 11 years old with lupus that effects his nose and eyes. We have been giving him the Heal Brand puppy products for 6 months now and he is like a puppy again. He feels better and his nose and eyes look so great. Thank you Heal Brand for helping our furry family member.


I absolutely LOVE The Heal Brand NANO product. It works amazingly! The first time I took it I felt better within 15 minutes. I now take the 3000mg Nano every day, I’ve noticed that my energy is better, my sleep is better and I feel better overall. I can totally tell the days that I don’t take it. I also love Kodi Younghein, her expertise on the products and what they are used for and what they help with is amazing. She is a wealth of knowledge.


I am 31 years old and after I had my son 5 years ago, I started experiencing significant swelling and pain throughout all my joints. I saw a rheumatologist and they ran all the diagnostic tests with no answers on why my joints were swollen. The provider said I probably have some type of autoimmune disorder, like RA, that is just not showing up on tests yet. I have been through several rounds of Prednisone just to manage my extreme flare-ups. I tried random CBD gummies off amazon and some seemed to help a little and others did not help at all. Once I started using Heal Brand products, my pains and joint swelling have gone away and I have not had a flare-up since starting to use them. I use the nano tincture every morning in my coffee and If I miss a couple of days in a row, I will start feeling slight achiness in my joints and that reminds me to get back on schedule. My quality of life has improved significantly and I have Heal Brand to thank for that! 


I LOVE these products. I can feel the cream working right away. I also love that the size of the salve container allows me to put the product on my knee without having to put my hand in the salve. I’ve tried a handful of other CBD products and this one has by far been the BEST!