In 2018, we created Heal Brand with the goal of protecting farmers that were being taken advantage of in the hemp space, and this is a focal point still today. In conjunction with our partner company, The Plug Supply, Heal provides an outlet for our network of farmers to sell their hemp crop to.

Heal aspires to disrupt outdated ideas about the cannabis and hemp industries. Our original product line has set us apart with noticeable testimonials and Healing stories. Through social media we have grown far beyond our Denver home, becoming a national community of 30,000 supporters (and counting).

Above all else, we create products to help change the world, because we believe everyone deserves the right to Heal.


We deliver premium CBD products and we pride ourselves on our commitment to stay at the leading edge of this fast-paced industry. Our product line was created at our headquarters in the mecca of the cannabis world, Denver, Colorado.


We were founded on the belief that everyone deserves the right to Heal. Our goal is to change the way people view the cannabis and hemp industries, by creating the world’s finest CBD products for optimum absorption, measurable results, and everything in between.


We’re more than just a brand — we’re a community of 30,000 supporters across our social pages. Follow us on insta for a glimpse into our lifestyle.